Barrel Roll Trail

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Well after taking a week off because my knee wasn't doing so good, me and some friends rode the Barrel Roll Trail today, And it is 6 miles of pure hell. Big climbs and rock gardens up and down. I went down some big rock drops but it's the little ones that get you.

I went off this small drop on my way down. It’s one of those drops that you don't care about and just cruse off of it. Well I wasn't so lucky. My front tire goes down and just sticks. I go flying over the bars and crash. My GPS goes rolling down the hill and I bend my break leaver.... again, and it's the same one. I’m sorry I didn't get video of it. I thought I was getting good video of the downhill just before I ate it, but no it was in picture mode.

It’s super rocky and I don't plan on doing this one anytime soon.. It has switch backs up and switch backs down. If you do this trail make sure you pack extra tubes.

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