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Zen Trail with

Well back again today with the Bogley gang today we hit up Zen Trail and Bearclaw right after. we spent most of the day playing on the rocks, and a few of them with the DH bikes were praying for the climbing to end and the down hill to start.  what usually happens is when you first ride this trail you hate it, but when your crazy enough to come back for seconds is when you realize it's really not that bad of a trail.  Justin McFarland  got some  great videos and pictures, so enjoy.

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JEM Trail with

I meet up with a few friends from bogley today and rode the JEM Trail. not much has changed since the last visit. the corners have hardened up quite a bit and was easy to keep traction. we stopped in a few parts to do some drops.. I chose not to do it because i have a hardtail with 3 inches of travel in the front, now if i was ridding a full DH bike like they were I probably would have given it a go.

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Anasazi Trail and Petroglyphs

Today Mike and I were planing on riding Barrel Roll Trail but Swiss Days in Santa Clara  messed that plan up, so we hit Anasazi Trail instead. The temperature is perfect  for mountain biking right now.  not to hot, not to cold.  It was an uneventful day just a nice leisurely ride

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