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Bearclaw Poppy with

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Zen Trail winter break

I figured today was the day to try Zen trail again. I invited a bunch of people but they were all busy.  this made it nice for a solo ride.  everything seemed to go a lot smoother than the first time. I didn't even need to pull out my gps.   it took me about 2 hours to ride it, which is a significant improvement on my first time back in may.

not much to say so i'll let the pictures do the talking.

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Paradise Canyon Fun Part

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I've finally got around to taking pictures of my favorite part of Paradise Canyon. This happens to be the tech section on top of Paradise Rim. I've ridden it many times and always seems to get the blood pumping, but I still really haven't found anything quite like the tech drops that Paradise Canyon has.


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Church Rocks Video

I've been very busy this week and I haven't been able to post as much as I'd like to. Now that I have some free time which is at almost midnight, I thought I would share a video I found on Youtube. I don't know their names but they made a very sweet video. hopefully I can get out and do this trail before the year is over. Enjoy.

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Red Bull Rampage 2008 on NBC

The Red Bull Rampage will be Televised on NBC's Jeep World of Adventure Sports tomorrow at 3:00pm EST 1:00pm for all of us mountain timers. Anyways In case you didn't know I made it to the finals of the Red Bull Rampage In Virgin, UT. It was one of the best events I've been to and if you tune in the only thing you'll be disappointed about is that it was only an hour long. It was a super crazy event. Be sure to set the Recorder because you don't want to miss this. There is tons of crashes, sweet 360's, and lets not forget about the best trick from Thomas Vanderham with his no hander over the 60ft canyon Jump.

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