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Red Bull Rampage 2008

The Red Bull Rampage was awesome. The video just doesn't do justice of how big the jumps and drops are. I was able to make it up on Monday for the finals and took as many photos as I could but I'm not rich enough to have all the sweet two thousand dollar cameras, So I had to settle for what I got. I had just enough gas to get to the event and home again

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Paradise Canyon Fast Ride

Wow I just got back from a fast ride. the weather was nice and cool for this time of day and was cloudy all day but that didn't stop me from working up a sweat. the trail was a lot rougher than I remember but I 6.4 mile trip from my house and back in about 1 hour. I also had the Seasons Soundtrack playing the whole time. It made me feel bad ass bombing down paradise rim.

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Bearclaw Poppy Trail again

Kent, me, Statton, Taylor, and Ben did the Bearclaw poppy trail again. It’s been a few months since Taylor, Ben and I did it. I spend half of the night saying to myself "don't chicken out, don't chicken out." before I know it, it was 3:00am after Kent got lost a few weeks back we decided to take him down the right way.

I don't know about Kent but I looked at my GPS track log and I have a few circles in it. But I eventually committed to dropping in. as did Kent.

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Red Bull Rampage 2008: The Evolution

After months and months of rumors its official, the Red Bull Rampage is back. It will be returning October 2nd – 5th, and they couldn't find a place better than the sweet redrock in my back yard. The Rampage is going back to Virgin, Utah. But in a different location and with a little work on Google earth and looking at the photos I can tell that they are going to be riding down gooseberry mesa right strait to the bottom. I know for sure that I'll be there on October 5th to watch the finals.

For more info visit.

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Anasazi Trail

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Anasazi Trail wasn't too bad on saturday. Kent and me made good time climbing 550ft to the top, But I think I pushed myself to my limit today. I was feeling good untill I got 50ft from the top. We had a nice break took some photos and Kent took off for the top. I stayed for a second and just when I was about to get going I threw up four times. too bad Kent wasn't around because that would have been a sweet photo

After That I wasn't doing so good. I made it to the top and rode down to the petroglyphs and took a break. Kent went down the cliff edge and got pictures while i stayed on top tring to walk off my sickness. other then that very uneventfull for me.

I decided instead of going back through the rough rock gardens and slick rock, I decided it would be best to ride the highway back to Santa Clara.

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J.E.M. Trail

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Me and my friend Statton meet up with Kent and took off to Tackle the JEM trail today. the route we took was ok going up until we got to the highway then the real burn kicked in. it was very uneventful going up Kent and me tried out a few side trails and practiced our bunny hops and wheelies. I almost lost it doing a wheelie. Once we were on the highway it was a very hard 2 miles up to the Top trailhead of JEM.

I do believe the downhill was totally worth it I pulled off a few little jumps and didn’t crash. The switchback section is something I’ll never ride on my bike. Once in the clear it was a very cruise downhill with twisty paths and tiny jumps. When we got to the dirt road again I wasn’t paying and attention and almost endoed off a small drop. The next section past the road wasn’t too bad it had a few climbs up small rock gardens but was nothing that held me up. toward the end of the trail we had some nice but scary cliff riding

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