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My new shoes & clipless pedals

I picked up some very nice shoes and clipless pedals today. I got them at Red Rock Bicycle Co. located here in St. George.  I bought the specialized Taho MTB shoes with Shimano PD-M520 Pedals with the total cost of about \$120.00. After getting use to the pedals I notice at least 50% better pedaling efficiency and I only fell over twice. Getting clipped out was kind of tricky at first but you easily get use to clipping in and out.

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Barrel Roll Trail

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Well after taking a week off because my knee wasn't doing so good, me and some friends rode the Barrel Roll Trail today, And it is 6 miles of pure hell. Big climbs and rock gardens up and down. I went down some big rock drops but it's the little ones that get you.

I went off this small drop on my way down. It’s one of those drops that you don't care about and just cruse off of it. Well I wasn't so lucky. My front tire goes down and just sticks. I go flying over the bars and crash. My GPS goes rolling down the hill and I bend my break leaver.... again, and it's the same one. I’m sorry I didn't get video of it. I thought I was getting good video of the downhill just before I ate it, but no it was in picture mode.

It’s super rocky and I don't plan on doing this one anytime soon.. It has switch backs up and switch backs down. If you do this trail make sure you pack extra tubes.

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Bearclaw Poppy Trail

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Today some friends and I went mountain biking the Bearclaw Poppy Trill in Green Valley, UT. This trail is a very fast and very scary downhill, especially to a first timer like me. but by the end I was starting to get use to it and I’m sure when I go again it won't be that bad for me. The trail features a 100 foot climb just before the first drop in which is appropriately called the Three Fingers of Death After you pick a finger and get the bottom you go cursing through a wash with a steady but minimal climb up to Acid Drops.

It took me some time to think about it before I tried it but made it up and down without a problem. I even got air off of a few of them, and air scares me.  But like an idiot that I am I totally forgot to take a picture of Acid Drops from the top. I was too busy thinking about dropping in.  I promise next time I go I’ll get pictures and maybe video of it.

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Paradise Canyon

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This is my first trail with my new bike and my first trail in a few years. We took off from the Chuckawalla trailhead and had a nice decent to the wash but after that it was a hell of a climb up Turtle Wall trail. We did a lot of climbing and hand to stop a few times. Just so you know I’m kind of out of shape. The trails are very rocky and had to walk a few uphill sections because of the rocks

The view wasn't worth the trip up. For me it never is, the only thing worth the climb is the downhill. The type of downhill where you don't care what happens and you hope you don't break anything. Paradise canyon was a super fun ride but it has a lot of traffic. It’s filled with hikers and joggers looking for a little exercise before work. So we stopped our momentum going uphill a few times just the let the hikers pass. it also gave us some time to chat with the ladies.

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My new '08 Giant

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I picked up my new bike today from Sunset Cycles. I bought a 2008 Giant Yukon Hardtail for \$500 it took me a few weeks of looking around at many bike shops but it was a tossup between this one and a Kona Fire Mountain. They both basically have the same parts but the other shop just acted like they didn't want to sell me a bike. Sunset Cycles was willing to work with me and match deals and the bottom line is they have great customer service and I plan on buying my stuff from them for many years to come. The 2008 Giant Yukon is a wonderful bike especially for a beginner like me and I plan on beating the crap out of it. My first upgrades will be the pedals. I’ve been looking at some nice and very common clipless pedals made by Shimano but that’s another post. The bike handles incredibly well with great geometry.  It’s a very strong frame even though it’s a little on the heavy side.  I know this bike will give my many good rides in the months and years to come.

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