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Survivorman Sierra Nevada

Wow, what a way to start the season. I like the direction of the new Survivorman episodes. The main thing I liked about the new episode was, Les decided to take on the role of the hiker instead of just telling about what a normal person might do. A good example of this is the first episode of Survivorman where Les has to survive in the Canadian Boreal Forest. About half way through Les tells about bush panic and how people will just run as fast as they can thinking that just around the turn is the trail they lost, which is further from the truth. With the new episode in the Sierra Nevada's Les demonstrated the panic that can set in when you become lost. The other thing I liked was including SAR (search and rescue) in an episode. Les Stroud demonstrated how to help SAR find you. He did this by getting out into an open area and using a signal mirror to get the helicopters attention.

It was a perfect episode to start off the season and hopfully there will be another season to come, but I found a link that says otherwise from (Story Here). After Reading the article I thought to myself "well the end was inevitable, but I thought it would have lasted longer then 3 season. now we're going to be stuck with gay attention whore bear grylls."

Survivorman season 3 starts

As some of you may know and most of you don't I'm a survival geek. For me it all started one day back in 2006 I was flipping through the channels and I saw something that looked very familiar on the Discovery Channel. What I saw was a lot of red rock that looked like my area, but in fact it was 300 miles away but that got me interested In a show called Survivorman. soon after that episode ended I got online and found a site for Survivorman fans. The site was so I joined and from there I was hooked on survival. but the les stroud forums have been shut down for a long time now mostly do to spammers and poor moderation. So now I'm at which has some of the greatest people you could ever meet talking about survival and gear. I have gained great knowledge from everyone at and Les Stroud.

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