New Year's Projects

Well i've been getting some projects put together for the new year.  Right now I'm working on a series of Html tutorials starting from the basics and working all the way up to css. The other project I have going right now is something i've been meaning to put together for a few months now. It is a full tutorial with plans on how to make a Cornhole board.  I'm also going to review the Magellen Triton 400 but haven't started working on that yet.

I still have a few other things up in the air. like my new computer that I plan on building and documenting every step on here. And last but not least is getting back to mountain biking. I have a whole new list of trails to hit this year.  I'm going to start training as soon as I get my bike back from the bike shop.  Start training you ask? well on Christmas Eve I dislocated my knee and as of now it doesn't hurt but it's still weak and needs to be built back up before I start tackling the trails again.

Happy New Year,

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