Survivorman season 3 starts

As some of you may know and most of you don't I'm a survival geek. For me it all started one day back in 2006 I was flipping through the channels and I saw something that looked very familiar on the Discovery Channel. What I saw was a lot of red rock that looked like my area, but in fact it was 300 miles away but that got me interested In a show called Survivorman. soon after that episode ended I got online and found a site for Survivorman fans. The site was so I joined and from there I was hooked on survival. but the les stroud forums have been shut down for a long time now mostly do to spammers and poor moderation. So now I'm at which has some of the greatest people you could ever meet talking about survival and gear. I have gained great knowledge from everyone at and Les Stroud.

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