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Best Pictures of 2008

Well I've taken some good pictures this year and I thought I would share a few of my favorites. But I also wanted to show you the new gallery slideshow set up I have now. I have set up some slideshows in the older posts but if you feel like you don't wan't to go back and find the posts I have a link at the top that will take you to the galleries I've set up

Now I give you SilverCG's best pictures of 2008.

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Red Bull Rampage 2008

The Red Bull Rampage was awesome. The video just doesn't do justice of how big the jumps and drops are. I was able to make it up on Monday for the finals and took as many photos as I could but I'm not rich enough to have all the sweet two thousand dollar cameras, So I had to settle for what I got. I had just enough gas to get to the event and home again

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Red Bull Rampage 2008: The Evolution

After months and months of rumors its official, the Red Bull Rampage is back. It will be returning October 2nd – 5th, and they couldn't find a place better than the sweet redrock in my back yard. The Rampage is going back to Virgin, Utah. But in a different location and with a little work on Google earth and looking at the photos I can tell that they are going to be riding down gooseberry mesa right strait to the bottom. I know for sure that I'll be there on October 5th to watch the finals.

For more info visit. Redbullrampage.com

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My new '08 Giant

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I picked up my new bike today from Sunset Cycles. I bought a 2008 Giant Yukon Hardtail for \$500 it took me a few weeks of looking around at many bike shops but it was a tossup between this one and a Kona Fire Mountain. They both basically have the same parts but the other shop just acted like they didn't want to sell me a bike. Sunset Cycles was willing to work with me and match deals and the bottom line is they have great customer service and I plan on buying my stuff from them for many years to come. The 2008 Giant Yukon is a wonderful bike especially for a beginner like me and I plan on beating the crap out of it. My first upgrades will be the pedals. I’ve been looking at some nice and very common clipless pedals made by Shimano but that’s another post. The bike handles incredibly well with great geometry.  It’s a very strong frame even though it’s a little on the heavy side.  I know this bike will give my many good rides in the months and years to come.

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