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First time rappelling

I went rappelling for the first time today. Bo Beck a friend of mine from Bogley.com and manager of The Desert Rat took me out on the rocks near Chuckawall in Paradise Canyon. I don't know if Bo noticed or not but I was trying to delay my first rappel. On my first repel I felt somewhat safe but untrusting of the equipment. As I stepped off I felt the support of the harness and didn't worry so much and just coasted on down. My only problem is my hobbit legs they naturally stick together so Bo kept reminding me to spread my legs thankfully (try to say that in an ungay way).

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I made it to the bottom and was ready to go again. When I got back to the top Bo made me take off my safety brake rope and my ATC. I had a dumbfounded look on my face fallowed by a little kid voice "But... but.. why? I like it the way it is." I said. Don't fix something that’s not broke right? But I did what I was told.

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I soon realized that I wouldn't be just rappelling I’d be crossing off stuff on the "what could go wrong and what to do checklist" lol. Bo showed me how to set up a Munter Hitch Belay. And I used that for the rest of the rappels until I used my ATC again with a double rope rappel.

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The first spot was only 20ft if that and had a small slope to it. I did about 3 or 4raps on that and then we moved to one that was a little higher only 5-10ft higher but was more straight down and had a few parts where it curved inward.

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On my last rap Bo thought it would be funny to tie a not in the rope halfway down. As for me I didn't know he did this while I was busy climbing back up. I started my rappel and almost got to the point of no return when I saw the knot I went running back up. I kept trying to argue with Bo, but how am I to argue with Pops (Bo's new nick name) he's a SAR rock star. I soon figured out again that he had a point to make. I just wish he would tell me what it was before I start hanging by a rope. lol I got to the knot and I got stuck in an awkward position like I knew I would and Bo lowered me with the Munter Hitch on top.

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Yes I learned a lot, especially where not to put my left hand/arm, and to keep my hobbit legs wide. Anyways we did 5 or 6 rappels. I don't really remember how many, it was all mixed into a fun, scary, and crazy blur.

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Yes I wore my helmet... I’ve been in enough crashes to realize that they do work. I told my friend Statton (who was there to watch me cry) to forget about pics and hold onto the rope. In case I did something stupid like for example take my right hand off the rope.  lol.

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