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Pine Creek Canyon

Out of the two total canyons that I’ve done in my life, Pine creek is the best. Pine creek Canyon starts under the bridge just as you exit the Zion's Mount Carmel Tunnel on the east side of Zion. The first rappel is probably just as nerve reeking as the last rappel.

[singlepic id=281 w=500 h= float=center]Photo by Jacob Daugherty

For the first rappel you have to inch you way on a ledge of a 20ft drop just to hook into the rope. Once I rappelled down the 20ft section I had to wade through a pool and then in between a crack that lead to another 15 foot rappel

[singlepic id=282 w=500 h= float=center]Photo by Jacob Daugherty

It's really hard to put into words how awesome this canyon is so I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

[singlepic id=260 w=500 h= float=center] Photo by Dean Paul

[singlepic id=266 w=500 h= float=center] Photo by Dean Paul

[singlepic id=267 w=500 h= float=center] Photo by Dean Paul

The second to last rap was about 70 ft I guess. Things look higher they are from the top so I was having a battle from within once I got on the rope things panned out and I made it to the bottom safely

[singlepic id=287 w=500 h= float=center]Photo by Jacob Daugherty

[singlepic id=289 w=500 h= float=center] Photo by Jacob Daugherty

On the last rappel I was still fighting my battle from within and I was starting to lose. One thing I learned from mountain biking is "just do it, the more time you think about it the worse it is" when you near the last rappel you have to inch your way to the cliff hook into the rope put your feet over the edge and swing out to the wall. After that there is only one way out and that is down.

Me on the last rappel

[singlepic id=269 w=500 h= float=center] Photo by Dean Paul

[singlepic id=270 w=500 h= float=center] Photo by Dean Paul

After about 5ft I was free hanging and that is where I had a problem with my heavy pack, well the pack was only heavy because I had my neoprene in it. I ended up doing most of the rappel laying down and looking straight up which was a unique view.

Shot of my hero Bo Beck.

[singlepic id=271 w=500 h= float=center] Photo by Dean Paul

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Keyhole Canyon

I did my first canyon today with a group of friends from bogley.com. there were ten of us that went through Keyhole. we staged two vehicles at the exit of keyhole and hiked a few hundred feet up the road.

[singlepic id=278 w=500 h= float=center]photo by Jacob Daugherty

after a small hike we started to climb the slick rock to the top of Keyhole Canyon. there is a real sketchy down climb just before you get to the canyon that kept me on my toes.

[singlepic id=279 w=500 h= float=center]photo by Jacob Daugherty

when we got to the bottom of the down climb we suited up for the start of The fun stuff.

[singlepic id=280 w=500 h= float=center]photo by Jacob Daugherty

The start of the canyon was awesome had a dozen or so down climbs that required a little bit of thinking... most were 6 to 10 feet and sometimes it was hard to tell because the water may only be 5 feet down but there is no way of knowing how deep it is until someone climbs down.

[singlepic id=255 w=500 h= float=center]photo byDean paul

The canyon was a little cold but still enjoyable the two rappels were super easy and the canyon was gorgeous.

[singlepic id=275 w=500 h= float=center]photo by Jacob Daugherty

this is an awesome butterfly that let all 10 people pass by in a small slot within a foot of touching it. the cool thing to note is the back of the wings look like char cloth that has been lit on the ends with a small orange glow.

[singlepic id=277 w=500 h= float=center] photo by Jacob Daugherty

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First time rappelling

I went rappelling for the first time today. Bo Beck a friend of mine from Bogley.com and manager of The Desert Rat took me out on the rocks near Chuckawall in Paradise Canyon. I don't know if Bo noticed or not but I was trying to delay my first rappel. On my first repel I felt somewhat safe but untrusting of the equipment. As I stepped off I felt the support of the harness and didn't worry so much and just coasted on down. My only problem is my hobbit legs they naturally stick together so Bo kept reminding me to spread my legs thankfully (try to say that in an ungay way).

[singlepic id=241 w=500 h= float=center]

[singlepic id=242 w=500 h= float=center]

I made it to the bottom and was ready to go again. When I got back to the top Bo made me take off my safety brake rope and my ATC. I had a dumbfounded look on my face fallowed by a little kid voice "But... but.. why? I like it the way it is." I said. Don't fix something that’s not broke right? But I did what I was told.

[singlepic id=243 w=500 h= float=center]

I soon realized that I wouldn't be just rappelling I’d be crossing off stuff on the "what could go wrong and what to do checklist" lol. Bo showed me how to set up a Munter Hitch Belay. And I used that for the rest of the rappels until I used my ATC again with a double rope rappel.

[singlepic id=244 w=500 h= float=center]

The first spot was only 20ft if that and had a small slope to it. I did about 3 or 4raps on that and then we moved to one that was a little higher only 5-10ft higher but was more straight down and had a few parts where it curved inward.

[singlepic id=246 w=500 h= float=center]

On my last rap Bo thought it would be funny to tie a not in the rope halfway down. As for me I didn't know he did this while I was busy climbing back up. I started my rappel and almost got to the point of no return when I saw the knot I went running back up. I kept trying to argue with Bo, but how am I to argue with Pops (Bo's new nick name) he's a SAR rock star. I soon figured out again that he had a point to make. I just wish he would tell me what it was before I start hanging by a rope. lol I got to the knot and I got stuck in an awkward position like I knew I would and Bo lowered me with the Munter Hitch on top.

[singlepic id=252 w=500 h= float=center]

Yes I learned a lot, especially where not to put my left hand/arm, and to keep my hobbit legs wide. Anyways we did 5 or 6 rappels. I don't really remember how many, it was all mixed into a fun, scary, and crazy blur.

[singlepic id=253 w=500 h= float=center]

Yes I wore my helmet... I’ve been in enough crashes to realize that they do work. I told my friend Statton (who was there to watch me cry) to forget about pics and hold onto the rope. In case I did something stupid like for example take my right hand off the rope.  lol.

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Paradise Canyon Fun Part

[slideshow id="9"]
I've finally got around to taking pictures of my favorite part of Paradise Canyon. This happens to be the tech section on top of Paradise Rim. I've ridden it many times and always seems to get the blood pumping, but I still really haven't found anything quite like the tech drops that Paradise Canyon has.


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Paradise Canyon Fast Ride

Wow I just got back from a fast ride. the weather was nice and cool for this time of day and was cloudy all day but that didn't stop me from working up a sweat. the trail was a lot rougher than I remember but I 6.4 mile trip from my house and back in about 1 hour. I also had the Seasons Soundtrack playing the whole time. It made me feel bad ass bombing down paradise rim.

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Paradise Canyon

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This is my first trail with my new bike and my first trail in a few years. We took off from the Chuckawalla trailhead and had a nice decent to the wash but after that it was a hell of a climb up Turtle Wall trail. We did a lot of climbing and hand to stop a few times. Just so you know I’m kind of out of shape. The trails are very rocky and had to walk a few uphill sections because of the rocks

The view wasn't worth the trip up. For me it never is, the only thing worth the climb is the downhill. The type of downhill where you don't care what happens and you hope you don't break anything. Paradise canyon was a super fun ride but it has a lot of traffic. It’s filled with hikers and joggers looking for a little exercise before work. So we stopped our momentum going uphill a few times just the let the hikers pass. it also gave us some time to chat with the ladies.

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