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Arduino + HDD + ESC Progress.

I got everything up and running, thanks to some help from arduino.cc. I was able to spin it up to full speed,  cut the slice in the hard disk plater,  and even get a small POV effect with an RGB led. what's left on the list is a hall effect sensor and some RGB led tape.

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Arduino + HDD + ESC

my project for the past two days has been to get a BLDS hard drive motor to spin at 5400rpms I read high and low on how to control these motors and everyone said that a ESC (electronic speed controller) would be the best route to go in. so a made a visit at my local hobby shop that specialize in airplanes and picked up a E-Flite Pro 10A ESC. and it took me 24hour to figure out how to get a steady speed. I'll post schematics and code in a later post after i get it all figured out.

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