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Panguitch Lake Campout

This past week I went to our annual family campout at Panguitch Lake, Ut. We left Wednesday morning and set up camp and waited for everyone else. On Thursday Statton and I rode Bunker Creek Trail and we both crashed. For me the Fishing was Terrible and that may be an overstatement.

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On Thursday I was fishing the meadow East of White Bridge Campground and I had fish come to the surface about 15 times to eat my strike indicator. After the 15th time I was starting to lose my cool so I decided to play dirty to. I changed my fly to a little green ball that was made to look like an egg. I casted that out there and let it drag so it would come to the surface. Sure enough a fish grabbed my strike indicator and right after that one grabbed my fly. I literally pulled the fish on shore by setting the hook. Once I had looked at him I realized why, I just caught a Rainbow Trout about the size of my index finger.

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In the 5 days I spent at Panguitch I caught two Rainbows, a Brown Trout, almost ran into a deer on my Mountain bike, crashed on my mountain bike at 30 mph, and froze my ass off which made for a hell of a trip.

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