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Fly fishing Leeds Creek

It was a great day to do some fishing. My friend and I went fishing at Leeds Creek. We got to one spot a few miles from the bridge. We got out to look at the creek a few hundred feet down. From the top it looks impossible to hike down let alone fish. So we said what the hell might as well try it. It was a very intense hike down. We remained watchful for snakes, cacti, and very loose rocks. When we finally made it to the bottom we pretty much had to crawl to the river, because of how thick the brush is by the river.

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It really didn't look like there was any fish in the area just because of how shallow and clear it was. When I casted in I tried the best I could to get my fly under the overhanging trees where it was deeper, but the water moves so fast that by the time my fly would sink it would be back in the shallow part in front of me. This would normally result in the fly getting stuck on the rocks.

I was using an old chewed up red BH Brassie that I made. I repeated this casting for a while and again it felt like my fly got stuck under the rocks so again I lifted up and the line took off. This is where my adrenalin kick in the only thing that was on my mind was hurry and land this fish before you lose him. When I got him in it was a gorges little Bonneville Cutthroat Trout With orange under its head.

Unfortunately I couldn't get a picture of my first one because my phone was tucked away in my pack. But the second one I got was half the size of my first one. (in the picture above)

I was also using the Willy J. Exodus pack in the picture and did great for a day pack that needs to get into tight spots. so I'll be posting a good review about that later.  By the time we got done we had hiked 200ft upstream. I caught two Trout and Statton caught one. If you want a real challenge and want to catch some natives. Then you have got to try Leeds Creek.

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