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Bearclaw Poppy with Bogley.com

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Bearclaw Poppy Trail again

Kent, me, Statton, Taylor, and Ben did the Bearclaw poppy trail again. It’s been a few months since Taylor, Ben and I did it. I spend half of the night saying to myself "don't chicken out, don't chicken out." before I know it, it was 3:00am after Kent got lost a few weeks back we decided to take him down the right way.

I don't know about Kent but I looked at my GPS track log and I have a few circles in it. But I eventually committed to dropping in. as did Kent.

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Bearclaw Poppy Trail

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Today some friends and I went mountain biking the Bearclaw Poppy Trill in Green Valley, UT. This trail is a very fast and very scary downhill, especially to a first timer like me. but by the end I was starting to get use to it and I’m sure when I go again it won't be that bad for me. The trail features a 100 foot climb just before the first drop in which is appropriately called the Three Fingers of Death After you pick a finger and get the bottom you go cursing through a wash with a steady but minimal climb up to Acid Drops.

It took me some time to think about it before I tried it but made it up and down without a problem. I even got air off of a few of them, and air scares me.  But like an idiot that I am I totally forgot to take a picture of Acid Drops from the top. I was too busy thinking about dropping in.  I promise next time I go I’ll get pictures and maybe video of it.

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