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Sidewinder Trail

Today I decided to go for a solo ride again, this time I chose Sidewinder Trail. This is a new trail located inside the Santa Clara River Preserve. It shares the same trailhead as Barrel roll and Black Bush Trail. You start off on Barrel Roll trail and after about 130 ft it branches off on Precipice Trail.

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Precipice Trail is cut into the side of the mesa just below Barrel roll, and after about a mile it branches off again. If you go right then it will hook into Barrel Roll and if you go Left then it will hook into Sidewinder Trail. This is where the real fun starts. Sidewinder is a trail made up of switch backs that never seems to end and is about a 300ft climb in about 2.5 miles.

This trail has many tech parts nothing really hard. I only walked one part and that was a little rock stunt on top. It had a 90 degree left turn off a drop with  a cliff to the right so I wasn't feeling that sporty after a 500ft climb. The downhill is really fun, but is very short lived because of the silt in the corners of the switchbacks. Right before you join back up with Precipice Trail and/or Barrel roll there is a little jump that won't get you that high but you can fly a good distance depending on your speed.

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