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Fly Fishing Santa Clara River.

I went up with my friend Statton and his dad early today to Baker Res. Just south of Central, Utah. The main river in and out of Baker Res. is the Santa Clara River. After Statton and I got tired of fishing the dam with no luck we decided to head down to where the river flows out of the dam. At the start it was really shallow and could clearly see there was no fish in it.

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We had to hike about a mile downstream to get to some pools that had fish in it. The trout in this area spook really easy. It's nearly impossible not to spook them just because the sun was on the wrong side. The bush and trees close in real fast and is hard to get in to cast a fly. I lost one fly and got hung up on branches countless times. We did all that for nothing because all three of us got skunked.

The next time I make it up there I'm going to try to fish it where the Santa Clara comes into Baker Res.

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J.E.M. Trail

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Me and my friend Statton meet up with Kent and took off to Tackle the JEM trail today. the route we took was ok going up until we got to the highway then the real burn kicked in. it was very uneventful going up Kent and me tried out a few side trails and practiced our bunny hops and wheelies. I almost lost it doing a wheelie. Once we were on the highway it was a very hard 2 miles up to the Top trailhead of JEM.

I do believe the downhill was totally worth it I pulled off a few little jumps and didn’t crash. The switchback section is something I’ll never ride on my bike. Once in the clear it was a very cruise downhill with twisty paths and tiny jumps. When we got to the dirt road again I wasn’t paying and attention and almost endoed off a small drop. The next section past the road wasn’t too bad it had a few climbs up small rock gardens but was nothing that held me up. toward the end of the trail we had some nice but scary cliff riding

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