Theking648 is now

Yes it's true, I've crossed over to the other side. started out as a toy for trying to learn how to code XHTML and CSS and has now evolved into a blog. When I picked the domain name I couldn't think of anything better then my internet name. Now that I've gotten a little bit wiser I can now plainly see that this wasn't the best name especially for SEO, and for those that don't know SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. also very few people are going to remember the three numbers on the end. I have a hard time myself, but the time has come to move on. So has been sitting around for a year now, actully a year this Saturday. Anyways I've made the decision to transfer my blog over to this website. This time I'm going to use Wordpress, an opensource CMS (Content Management System) rather than my custom CMS. That way it is much easier to add content even when I don't have time.

Thanks for your continued support,
Dave Johnson
also know as and always will be Theking648