Zen Trail

Today I decided that I should ride Zen Trail seeing that I wouldn't have another chance to try it for another 3 weeks, even thought I dislocated my knee for a second on Tuesday. By Friday the pain was gone so I said "what the hell lets go try one of the hardest trails in St. George."

I arrived at the trailhead around 8:00 a.m., and had a look at a 750ft climb. The beginning portion of the trail is ATV track and is a smooth steady climb. As soon as it turned into a single track I started encountering a much steeper climb and some quick rock stunts

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About half way up is a tiny rock drop and continues between two rocks that I scraped my pedals on. After that you come to a cliff where you can see the 3 Fingers of Death of Bearclaw Poppy Trail.

For your first time riding this trail it would be really hard to find your way without a GPS. I lost the trail countless times, and had to walk a few steep parts. In some sections I think it's impossible to bike up the trail no matter what type of bike you have.

I was somewhat disappointed with downhill even though it had a lot of fun tech spots mixed in. The downhill isn't fully downhill. There are a few places where you have to climb back up. It was nothing big or hard but after the 750ft climb I really didn't have the energy to climb the short ups near the bottom of the trail.

The weather was perfect. Yes I know it's cloudy, but I would much rather have cool and cloudy verses Hot and sunny. The trail was really great but not a trail I would ride every week.

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